• wedding Cake Trends!


    To follow the latest wedding cake trends, you should definitively have an original wedding cake! You might be asking yourself “What does an original wedding cake mean?” We have selected unique and original ideas to provide ideas and inspiration. It’s time to change the wedding rules, say goodbye to the traditional wedding cake, and keep an eye open on what is new! Furthermore, having an original wedding cake allows you to impress your guests in a good way. It is also an amusing way to show off who you really are.


    •          The Cheese Cake (Yes, this is literally a real cheese cake!)

    Many people prefer savory food instead of a sweet dessert. With our signature cheese cake, you will easily please and accommodate those guests. If you still want to offer a sweet option, add petit fours or another small desert (like our mini pies) to be sure that everybody will enjoy the reception.  As you can see in the picture below, it’s also aesthetically pleasing.


    •          The Macaron Tower

    Everybody likes macarons and they are so pretty! Make sure to match them with your wedding palette to have the perfect dessert. We offer several flavors which you can view here. Elegant and tasty, this wedding “cake” will be the center of attention after a delicious meal catered by Amphora.


    •          The Crepe Cake

    If you love the well-known French crepe but do not think it is fancy enough for a wedding, this “cake” is a must! This truly unique option has a beautiful shape, exquisite flavor, and will be loved by your guests.  Choose the crepe flavors you enjoy most - there are no rules. Best of all, the crepe cake is budget friendly. Provide great taste for a great value!


    •          TheWhatever You Want Wedding Cake!

    With the help of your imagination, transform your favorite treats into fantastic wedding desserts! Achieving a “Whatever You Want Wedding Cake” is all about the shape, design, and display! Below you will see examples of successful options: a madeleine cake, donuts cake, and a wonderful éclair cake!




    If you really are a dessert person, we advise mixing and matching. When you have options there is no need to hesitate displaying more than one wedding dessert! 

  • Inspiration Wedding Table Place Cards

    During your wedding day, time is precious and perfection is strived for. Most likely you do not want to waste time telling everyone where to sit, or deal with any conflict between your mother in law and aunt. To avoid issues, it is best to plan guest seating in advance. Aim for the perfect atmosphere while incorporating table place cards. The look should integrate with your wedding decorations while also adding value. 

    Your wedding colors can match the wedding table place cards. You can even use plants to create and fabulous DIY look. Edible place cards are another hot, current trend! At Amphora, we can provide personalized/custom cookies or cake pops. We also offer custom macarons to add a European touch.

    Below you will find inspirational pictures to help you choose the best table place cards for your wedding.


    Simple :

    Edible :



    Plant :

  • Thanksgiving Tablescapes


    Once the Thanksgiving meal is ordered or prepared, you should have a plan for the tablescape. There are many possibilities to create a beautiful table setting and really set the holiday mood. We have selected inspirational table arrangements for your viewing pleasure. It is fairly easy to create DIY decorations with natural items and goods.


    •          Classy White and Wood. Made with pine cones, pumpkins, wood, and candles. Add gold sparkles for an extra festive look.


    •          Fall Colors. Take a bit of time to walk in your garden or forest if there is one nearby. You will find all materials needed to create this nature inspired tablescape. Use dried leaves, pumpkins, and apples. Adding candles gives it an extra touch! Make your tablescape as beautiful as the fall season.


    •          The Modern Green Table. Use green plants and neutral colors to make your table look like this!


    •          The Pumpkin Feast Table. The goal with this tablescape is to use as many pumpkins as possible, with different colors and sizes. Add flowers, leaves, and candles, to achieve the perfect look.


    Amphora Catering wishes everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!


  • Wedding Bar Stations: Lemonade, S’mores, and Bubble Bar


    Have you ever heard about wedding bar stations? This stylish trend is impossible to pass through. Creativity and imagination are the perfect combination to create the ultimate bar station on your wedding day. We have previously mentioned our signature bubble bar, featuring champagne with a mix of fresh fruit coulis, organic herb swizzle sticks, microgreens, edible crystalized flowers, etc. There is no better way to serve champagne while instantaneously taking your wedding to the next level. If you prefer juice and soft beverages, opt for a sensational lemonade bar. There are several lemonade flavors available such as strawberry, raspberry, lime, mint, and citrus. This particular bar display looks great with a transparent jar, which showcases the fresh fruit and colors of the lemonade. If this idea seems too simple, offer guests “add-ins”, so they can create their own perfect lemonade. Add-ins can include honey, fresh herbs, spices, soda, and tea.

    Another smash hit is a s’more bar! A real institution in the USA, the s’more bar can fit perfectly into a wedding meal’s dessert time. Both adults and children love this bar. Adults feel nostalgic and children delight in the flavor. It is similar to the candy bar, which has also been very popular this year.


    In addition to your Amphora dessert table station, you may need to think about adding one (or more) bar stations!  For more ideas, view our signature stations here: http://www.amphoracatering.com/wedding-creative-stations





  • DIY Wedding Dessert Displays


    Preparing for a wedding takes time, money, and motivation! We would like to share some inspirational budget friendly  ideas for your dessert displays. In addition to the traditional wedding cake, it has become quite common to offer a dessert bar with petite bites of favorites like  such as cupcakes, truffles, cake pops,  or macarons. We tend to eat with our eyes first, so presenting your sweets attractively is necessary!  There is no need to buy an expensive or fancy display unit. With a little creative ability, you can do it yourself and create a personalized display that means something to you, and can be something you’re proud to showcase.


    Should you need any ideas or inspiration, our lookbooks showcase spectacular wedding themes. If you want something chic and classy, you can opt for a transparent plate display. To achieve the look, you will need transparent plates in 3 different sizes, as well as 2 wine glasses. To make the display more secure, use glue that is made to adhere to glass. If you prefer the vintage wedding look, try eclectic plates collected from various family members  in various sizes, patterns, or colors. You can also mix wine glasses and regular glasses. Another cool idea if you don’t want to use crockery, is a paper plate display. By folding paper plates and using transparent plastic for support, you can make an absolutely original display!

    If you would like additional ideas, you can find more on internet or by taking a look at our Pinterest account. You will find various ideas and samples of what we do at Amphora Catering.



  • Amphora Catering’s Festive Feast

    Now that Halloween is over, it is time to think about Thanksgiving. November is all about family, friends, feasting, and obviously turkey! Thanksgiving is an American and Canadian tradition. It was born in 1621 when pilgrims decreed three days of giving thanks (after a very harsh winter) to celebrate their first harvest in the New World. According to legend, we eat turkey for Thanksgiving because it was the main course at the first Thanksgiving meal.

    To celebrate this special day, Amphora Catering is offering a spectacular Family Feast. Our special pricing Early Bird Special ends TODAY, so book now to lock in the savings! http://amphoracatering.com/family-festive-feast-

    Our food is prepared fresh, hot, and ready to serve from our kitchen to your table. Featuring your choice of Whole Herb-Roasted Turkey and Gravy 12-14 lb, or Maple Glazed Spiral Cut Ham 8 lb. Accompaniments to include Chestnut Raisin Stuffing or Apple Sausage Cornbread Stuffing, Tossed Garden Salad, Roasted Sweet Potatoes or Mashed Potatoes, Sauteed Green Beans with Shallots and Red Pepper Confetti, Cranberry Relish, Artisan Bread & Butter and Pumpkin Pie.

    Our Thanksgiving Menu is full of dishes to love and devour, such as traditional turkey and roasted sweet potato. Take a look at our full menu here:


    Amphora Catering is here to make your Thanksgiving unforgettable. This year, feast without the fuss! Relax and enjoy more time with your family and friends. 

  • Boutonniere with a Twist

    With the focus on the bride to choose a beautiful wedding dress and bouquet, we often forget about the groom. The groom can choose a boutonniere, but they tend to be less than spectacular. Even though it is a small accessory, it still takes careful consideration. Traditionally, the groom wears a boutonniere on the left side of the tuxedo. It is often a simple flower, such as a white or red rose. It can be difficult to select a magnificent boutonniere. For this reason, we selected some images on trend.


    If you want to keep flowers, consider making a tiny bouquet. The use of wild flowers can change everything! If your wedding theme is rustic, you can use farm plants such as wheat. You can also match your bouquet boutonniere to the bride’s bouquet for an impressive look.

    For a more original approach, you can opt for a paper origami boutonniere. This is easy to do and because there are so many shapes that can be made with paper, no piece has to look exactly the same. It is definitely unique but you must take the weather into consideration. Paper origami is not the best option for a rainy wedding day. 

    Last but not least - the custom boutonniere! This option is another great way to be unique. You can show off your hobbies such as music, casinos, or even use little toys. There are no rules! You only need to use your imagination. Creating a boutonniere can also be a fun time to spend with friends and family before the big day.


  • A Wedding to Remember!


    Your wedding day should be the most perfect day of your life. Since you will always remember the celebration, it is important to take care for your guests on your special day. In addition to Amphora Catering’s delicious food, you should also think about wedding favors. To thank guests for attending your wedding, choose a wedding favor that will please your guests and will allow for good use, so it does not gather dust or get thrown away at the end of the wedding. Originality is great! For example, the favors can include French macarons, wedding cookies, or this very cute DIY popcorn jar! At Amphora we have a wide variety of wedding cookies and macarons, so you can match the colors to your wedding theme!

    If you prefer to avoid food favors, there are many other possibilities! You can opt for cute little plants, which will fit perfectly in your guests’ homes. Flower seeds are also a good idea and can be incorporated with the slogan “take one and watch love grow.” This favor is fun and easy to do.

    Light up the night with sparklers! Not only will your guests enjoy twirling them around, they will also make for some seriously pretty wedding photos. It looks impressive and your guests will have a great time. If you want a European style wedding favor, consider the Jordan almonds “dragée,” which is very popular in France, Italy, and Spain. Since it is very traditional and symbolic, it is nearly impossible to give something else to guests. Five almonds represent five wishes for the bride and groom: health, wealth, happiness, fertility, and longevity.

    Now you need to choose the best options for your wedding and your guests!

  • Alternative to the traditional guest book

    A guest book is a great way to look back and remember the people you shared those special moments with on your wedding day. It's traditionally a big book that guests write in to share memories or vows, but often after the wedding, nobody opens it again. It tends get stored out of sight or becomes a dust collector. We want to share some ideas to make your guest book stand out and not be forgotten!



    A digital print tree is artistic, easy to make, and is inexpensive while still being beautiful! With a nice print or drawing, created by you or from a template found online, guests can leave their mark with beautiful paints or ink. The final result will be a lovely painting for your home. You can use a tree or another basic drawing as seen in the pictures. For a more personal drawing, use inspiration from memories, such as when you all first met to create something truly special.



    Note boxes are generally located near the guestbook. Choose a nice box, cute little papers, and let your guests write a message. You will enjoy reading them at home and having another keepsake!

    For additional fun, you can use Polaroid photos! Let your guest take selfies and hang them on a photo wall. It will be an amusing decoration and provide great memories for all! Guests can also write a message on the back of the photos. There are so many way to be creative and daring while straying from the norm!

  • Pie and Cake of the Month !

    New Pie and Cake of the Month are here! This June, stop by Amphora Bakery or Amphora Restaurant & Diner to try our Pie of the Month: The Lemon-Cherry Summertime Pie, and our Cake of the Month: The Oreo Cookie Cake!

    These two delicious desserts are available only this month at Amphora Bakery and Restaurant in Vienna, and at Amphora Diner and our second Bakery in Herndon.